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Air2G2 324, a breath of fresh air

Air2G2 324

The all new pedestrian Air2G2 324 uses the Air2G2 air-injection process to relieve Compaction, increase Porosity and enhance Respiration.  Three probes inject air laterally into the root zone and deep into the soil profile with minimal surface disruption. 

Air-Injection at your fingertips


The Air2HP handheld tool uses a single probe to laterally inject pressurized air beneath the surface of the soil to fracture compacted layers and ensures better drainage and airflow in problem areas. The Air2HP is a fast, portable and affordable soil management solution.

More ground, less time

Air2G2 636: Coming Soon

The Air2G2 636 is a tractor mounted unit that uses the same great air-injection technology, but with six probes, 36 inches apart. While staying in constant motion, the Air2G2 636 allows golf course superintendents and sports field managers to cover more ground in less time.

Coming Soon


Transporting the Air2G2 324 between greens, fairways or sports fields will be easier than ever with the Air2GO, a custom-fit shuttle trailer that secures the Air2G2 324 automatically and with ease.

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Soil O2 Solutions is the exclusive licensed distributor of the Air2G2 324 and Air2G2 air-injection process throughout the upper Midwest.

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  • Relieves soil Compaction

  • Increases soil Porosity

  • Enhances root and microbial Respiration
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  • This machine is a game changer. The game changer part of this is oxygenating the root zone. It’s pretty amazing.

    Tim Strano, CPAg
    Superintendent, Brae Burn Country Club
  • It’s really about the overall health of the soil, which in turn is the health of the plant. By using the Air2G2 you are reaching every square inch of your greens profile. At the end of the day, you are touching a number of things in the entire profile. There’s just not a machine out there that can do that.

    Mark Semm
    Director of Agronomy, Cordillera Ranch Golf Club
  • We get fast relief from compaction, better water percolation through the top part of the surface through the organic matter and obviously better drainage.

    Nick Fedewa
    Assistant Sports Field Manager, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • It’s a brilliant machine, it does exactly what it says it does. There are many forms of aeration on the market, but this is the purest form of aeration in the marketplace. Most forms, you punch a hole and hope air goes down. This is a far more effective way of forcing air through the surface.

    Paul Burgess, CSFM
    Head Groundsman, Real Madrid
  • Using this tool has given us a chance to provide some mid-summer relief with minimal invasion so the members don’t even know we’ve been out there.

    Jesse Trcka
    Superintendent, Wayzata Country Club
  • When you’re religiously using the Air2G2, you don’t really have any problems.

    Brian Benedict
    Superintendent, Seawane Golf Club


Soil OSolutions

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p. 888-601-0500

See the ⁦@Air2g2Official⁩ at @otfshow Booth 2160 December 4th (4-7 pm) and December 5th (9 am - 2 pm).

Less than ideal weather conditions heading into our final match of the year. lucky to have the guys @SoilO2Soln @greatlakesturf and twitter less Bill Burford come down and open up some air ways.


Game Day! Last home game of the reg season. 1st pic is opening match, 2nd is today. We always try to keep the pitch consistent for the team throughout the season, and despite some challenges, I think we achieved that. Had some fun with kickwall area too😎 #SportsTurf #BoilerUp

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